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Connext Rebate

Earn With Transparent Terms


A higher monthly trading volume means higher rebates per lot 

Your trading volume has to reach at least 1 standard lot* to qualify for rebates.

From there on, the more volume you trade, the higher your rebate per lot gets, reaching up to $1.5 per lot.

* USD standard lot. 1 USD standard lot is equal to $100,000 traded volume.

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An Example of How The Rebate Promotion Works

Your month’s total volume: 170 lots 

Your rebate: $1.25 for every lot traded in the month - because you traded 170  lots

Your total rebate amount: 170 x $1.25 = 212.5

Important Terms You Should Know:

Here’s a quick look at the main terms you should know, you can also read the full terms and conditions here.

  • The rebate will be accumulated in the month and paid in the first week of the following month.

  • There’s no limit on how many lots can be traded. 

  • If your accumulated trading volume at the end of the month has an excess lot, the excessing lot traded will not be calculated as a rebate. For example, if your total trading volume is 170.9 lots (under Tier 3 and the rebate rate is $1.25 for every lot traded in the month), your monthly rebate will be $212.5 (170 x $1.25).

  • The rebate is not applicable on the Connext Micro account.

  • The company reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the “Connext Rebate” or any aspect of it at any time.

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Unlimited rebates earned

No minimum deposit

Withdrawable profits

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