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Connext First Time

Introducing Our Exciting Bonus Promotion!

Unlock Up to 100% Bonus on Your First Deposit

Embark on an extraordinary trading experience with our exclusive bonus promotion designed to elevate your potential and maximize your success.

Bonus Breakdown:

1. Kickstart Your Journey: Enjoy a 50% bonus on deposits between $100 and $500.

2. Leap into Prosperity: Deposit $500 - $1000 and receive an impressive 100% bonus.

3. Reach New Heights: Deposits over $1,000 earn a remarkable ranging from 10% to 20% bonus*, up to $10,000.
*Bonus percentages may vary by country

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Promotion Terms and Conditions :

1.This promotion is exclusively applicable to the MT5 Platform.

2.The bonus amount is non-withdrawable.

3.The bonus will be granted upon fulfilling all stipulated conditions and completing your initial deposit on the MT5 account. Please note that clients with an initial deposit below $100 are ineligible for this promotion.

4.Clients who already possess an MT5 account and have completed a deposit are not eligible to participate in this promotional offer.

5.Micro accounts are not eligible for participation in this promotion.

Illustrative Bonus Calculation Scenarios :

1. Deposit of $10,000:

   - First $500: 50% Bonus = $250

   - Over $500 to $1000: 100% Bonus = $500

   - Over $1,000: 20% Bonus = $1,800

   Total Bonus: $2,550

2. Deposit of $600:

   - First $500: 50% Bonus = $250

   - Over $500 to $1000: 100% Bonus = $100

Withdrawal Process :

Withdrawals are subject to a proportional deduction based on the bonus-deposit ratio. As an illustration, consider a deposit of $10,000 receiving a bonus of $2,550. Should you proceed to withdraw $3,000, 30% of the initial deposit is equivalent to $765. Consequently, the bonus amount deducted will also be 30%, totaling $765.

Withdrawal Calculation Example :

Asset 7-8.png

Please be advised that the company retains the prerogative to modify these terms and conditions at its discretion, with any changes communicated accordingly.

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Asset 570.png
Asset 570.png

Unlimited rebates earned

No minimum deposit

Withdrawable profits

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